Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Change of Pace

As established somewhat before, I need to face the fact that free time is extremely limited in my current situation. To not go insane I can't spend all that time game developing. So I wait and rely on the short bursts of creativity I have to work on the game. I've been trying to get as many small ideas working in the game as possible, so the outcome isn't super cliche or boring...
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I've began working on areas in chunks so that way I can jump around the world map. Creating the game in chronological order gets boring, especially since you have to focus on one area for awhile. By working ahead I also get an excuse to make a kickass ultra powerful debug menu that future testers will get to use.
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Of course, temporary graphics (Ugh, that background) are still EVERYWHERE. I'll be leaving those as a last priority, so expect future gamedev screenshots to be ugly, depending on the area and point of the game they take place.
Last year at NCFC, you guys got a demo. That demo is a mess and doesn't have certain IMPORTANT changes in the game's engine and design. I wonder what I'll be showing this year... Check out their website once the convention begins to find out! Also, I've put the new trailer at the top of this post.