Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Control & Mechanics

I've been toying with the engine, trying to polish it up for a better experience. EchoJerichoX, the developer of Metroid Coven, released a Let's Play of the 2013 demo not too long ago. He says to expect more, so definitely check him out!

In the video and some discussions he did bring up 2 things which have had my focus:
-The wall jump is a series staple and almost essential to glitchless sequence breaking.
At first I was reluctant to add one, because I wanted to go the easy way and develop the map without worrying about walljumping. Well, sequence breaking is something that I simply adore, and by now I've come to realize that I'd hate to take away the Metroid- luxury. So I've added a very versatile walljump, as hastily shown in this little demonstration video:

1-wall walljumping IS possible. With that, happy sequence breaking!
Now for the other thing Echo brought up, sort of:
-You have no reason to switch back to the power beam, you'll always stay on the strongest beam.
This is something that I've avoided from the beginning, but if I'm gonna have active switching, I should make you actually want/need to switch beams.
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Here's the new power beam. It has the fastest firing rate and deals enough of a physical blow to move certain solids around.
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The ice beam is treated the same way it has in the past: Slowest firing rate, but freezes enemies. As a balance, it is now as weak, and sometimes weaker, than the power beam. It already freezes things, we don't need it destroying the entire planet. ;p
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The wave beam has had the biggest overhaul since the demo it was in. It covers a smaller height than before, and has a reduced firing rate. It also does electrical damage, which becomes significant with the more robotic enemies. (I'm still experimenting with how it looks, this single sine curve is most likely not final.)
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And here we have the plasma beam. This pierces through enemies and can destroy the limbs of enemies that are capable of losing them. It has the same firing rate as the power beam, but only 1 shot can be on screen. (Also take a look at the new gravity suit, I wanted each suit to have some sort of difference besides coloration)

Now, there are 1 or 2 more new beams, but I'm not gonna spoil that for you guys. With these new control/mechanical changes, the current game is easily exploitable. I was going to do a simple overhaul, but I'm actually going to start a MAJOR revision to the game's world. Looking at it, I realized that it is very linear, and some areas are very small.
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This is one of the now outdated maps. With the new mechanics, and especially new bosses, more room is needed. This game is going to be much bigger and more eventful that I had planned in the beginning. I hope this is a turn for the good of the project.