Saturday, January 19, 2013

Continued Progress: First Area

The first area, made to be a homage to Brinstar and Crateria, is now in the stages of being polished, tiled, and finalized. I've started a new system of level designing- I draw out a map, then make each room in a plain way, and then add the small details and obstacles in each room. After I've done that for an entire area, I'll tile it.

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The starting area of the game. Those mushrooms are animated!

I've also gotten around to making a title screen. I'm trying to keep it simple, with a data select/delete. You simply choose an option. Those options are Play Data 1/2/3 or Delete Data 1/2/3. Seems simple enough. Or is it too simple? I think it works fine.

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New title screen! The stars flow out from the center.

Progress has been slow recently, but things are still getting done!


  1. Will Arachnus still be in the game but not the room?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. At the moment Arachnus has been removed, but his AI might be used for something else.