Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'm going on vacation till July 5th who knows whats a vacation I'm just gonna be busy as hell till whenever, in which I will make little to no progress. I'm sorry about so much progress being stalled, but I really need a break from everything. Thank you for your understanding.

EDIT (10/2)
I know it's been a long time. Sickness, large workloads, personal life, and other such useless excuses have stalled me. But the project's not dead, just slow paced. Just always keep in mind it's one guy doing a whole game, regardless of how simple it seems. I'm not going to BS or fake updates for you either. I'm sorry to test your patience... I wish I had more control on how time was going by.


  1. when the vacations will end?

    1. Like he said in the post, July 5th.

  2. and today is... july 28th. hes making progress then!!!

  3. Knock knock from! Hope that 1.5 months is patient enough to politely ask for an update.

  4. looking forward to make an lp on this

  5. I'm very excited about the game. Do you know which format this will be released in? It would be fun to burn this onto a cartridge and play it on the snes.

  6. imagesowner2 the game will be released in the exe format, you can't play it on snes